Operational Amplifier Discrete Design

I've designed an discrete operational amplifier from 2N3904 and 2N3906 BJTs.
Check you the design of my (906) 482-6235.
I am currently in the process of evaluating the design. If anyone is interested in details email me at dlongstreet@ieee.org

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Noise Figure in a Mixer

Noise is generated in mixers by diode or transistor elements, and by thermal source due to resistive losses. Noise figures of practical mixers range from 1-5dB, with diode mixers generally achieving lower noise figures than transistor mixers. The noise figure of a mixer depends on whether its input is a signal sideband signal or a double sideband signal. This is because the mixer will down convert noise at both sidebands frequencies (since these have the same IF), but the power of a SSB signal is one-half that of a DSB signal (for the same amplitude).

(Pozar, David. Microwave Engineering, p.618-619)

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Under Graduate work

I just added some of my undergraduate academic work. Take a look at my Academia page.

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First Entry

This is my first entry of the blog...more will be coming soon.

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